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Juggling Fire Issues

By Dennis V. Montalbano

You, fire victims, are dealing with so many challenges–you are juggling fire issues every day. If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The emotional trauma of fleeing the fire and losing your home is real, and being in a weakened state is not good for making important decisions. Yet, good decisions are exactly what you need right now. One mistake is making plans based on only one dimension of the problem, instead of taking into account the full range of factors. The situation is complicated, and understanding how the major issues interact is critical to the quality of your choices.

Consider these 5 major areas of concern:

  1. Insurance
  2. Rebuilding/Replacing the Home
  3. Mortgages
  4. Taxes (Income and Property)
  5. PG&E Cases

All of these are potentially relevant and significant–and they’re all interconnected. Let’s look at these issues and consider how they weave together to impact your future…

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You may be seeing the TV ads, Facebook posts, and other press about lawsuits against PG&E.

The fires were traumatic for our community, and now we are seeing a dizzying media blitz of legal marketing. It’s hard to know how these cases work and whom to trust.

Many people are properly focused on preparing and submitting their insurance claims. But, insurance can only get you so far. Policies, written by the insurance companies, are complicated and difficult to understand. Misinformation concerning your rights and coverage makes matters worse.

Your losses beyond what you get from your insurance are the focus of the cases against PG&E.

Taking on PG&E will require huge financial resources and legal expertise.

We are allied with an elite team of California lawyers who have the resources and expertise to hold PG&E responsible. We at Berryman & Montalbano understand the community. We know the area and we know the people. We have connections to a wide range of professionals who can provide you the help you need to recover.

Call us and we will evaluate your situation to help you determine whether the PG&E litigation is appropriate for you and direct you to other resources you may need.

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If you choose to join the cases against PG&E, you pay no legal fees or costs unless a recovery is obtained for you.

This is our community.

We want to see our neighbors, friends and clients well-represented and aware of their resources for recovery.  We intend to stay here well beyond the resolution of claims, the rebuilding efforts, and the departure of those who moved in to assist with the massive job of restoring neighborhoods and lives. If you have questions, we are here to help.

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